Saturday, 11 April 2015

Staying In Shape On Holiday

As I'm currently on holiday myself, I thought this would be an appropriate article to post from my old blog!  Now obviously if you go on an active or adventure type holiday then you will at least stay in shape, if not make improvements. However, when you go on a "lazy" holiday it can be very easy to forget the exercise regime. So here I have a few tips to keep in shape while on holiday.

First is your type of accommodation, try to avoid going all inclusive, because the temptation to go over board and eat way too much and drink throughout the day is very hard to resist when it's already paid for. But more and more places have a wide selection of foods, so try and walk past the boring food that reminds you of home and go for the more exotic food you don't come across so often. This will also help you to get the most out for your money, why have a cheap and easy to make pizza/ pasta dish when you could be having exotic fruits and expensive and well prepared fish? Going self catered is best, as you can control your intake much more. This does also lead to another area where you can often slip up, eating out. Now there is nothing wrong with eating out, as long as you eat the right stuff, try to go to as many different places as you can and try the more exotic dishes, this will most likely lead you to eating healthily but it also gives you many new experiences (which is what a holiday is for right?) and again will help you get the most for your money.

Now that you've kept your food intake under control, next is your calories burned. Your NEAT (Non-Exercising Activity Time) contributes largely to the amount of calories you burn, particularly if you're on holiday. If  you sleep in late and sunbathe all day your NEAT is going to be rock bottom, so you run the risk of putting on weight if you eat the same as  your normal every day life,  unless all you do is sleep! What you should do is go out and explore wherever you're staying, the more time you can spend on your feet, the better. By exploring you can walk for miles without really noticing because your mind is focused on other things, you're effectively tricking yourself into exercising and enjoying it! Many hotels etc often have on site gyms and swimming pools, make sure to take full advantage of them whenever you have some down time.

Theme parks and attractions are another great way to get plenty of NEAT as you spend much of your time on your feet, along with the elevated heart rate and adrenaline levels if you go on any rides, which will mobilise your energy stores and help to increase your metabolism further.

If you follow these tips you will be able to stay in decent  shape, whilst hopefully having an amazing holiday!


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