Friday, 8 January 2016

I'm halfway through reading all 42 Discworld novels

Since June, I have been reading my way through the entire collection of Discworld novels by the late Sir Terry Pratchett. I had just finished the Hogfather in time for Christmas, which happens to be book 20 and it seemed like good timing to stop and reflect on the series so far.

It’s taken me around 6 months to read the first 20 books, which have all been loaned to me and I am very grateful! I’ve been reading them on the train to and from work and averaged about one book every 10 days or so. For those that don’t know, the Discworld is a wonderful and weird world that sits of the edge of the real and the unreal. 

This means that things such as physics and logic have less of a hold, and magic and belief have a lot more power. Pratchett used this world to create a whole universe of recurring characters that I have grown incredibly fond of. The novels are also utterly hilarious, both in the comedic style and in his wonderful footnotes that add so much more depth to the world he created.

As I was starting out completely new to the series, I looked up the best order to read the books, some seem to think that you are better off reading all of the books that feature certain sets of characters e.g. Death, Witches, Wizards, The Watch etc as main characters at once and moving through like that. I can see why you might want to do that, but I am enjoying reading through the series in the order they were published, each time a character reappears, I’m happy to see that they’ve returned and so far haven’t had too much trouble in remembering their previous adventures. 

The major trend I have noticed of late, is the ability that Pratchett had to call humanity out on the ridiculous plays on logic we make and turn them into eye-opening yet hilarious narratives.

I could never pick a favourite novel, they seem to get better and better as I make my way through the series! I just want to spend more and more time in this wonderful world where, Death has to fill in for Santa, movies and music are forces of nature, where a Dragon terrorizing a city is a fun day out for the kids and where a homicidal suitcase with hundreds of tiny feet is the most dangerous creature you could meet. 

If you haven't already, I heavily recommend you pick up or borrow any and all Discworld novels you can- you will not be disappointed!


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