Sunday, 22 February 2015

Introducing...TEDxUoN 2015!

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a global initiative dedicated to "ideas worth spreading". They host global conferences with the most inspirational speakers imaginable; from leading scientists upheaving our understanding of the world and our entire universe, to world-class performance acts and those select few people who have the mixture of brilliance and insanity required to make real change in the world. If you're new to TED, you MUST watch their videos, here's a link to their best videos!

TEDx is a spin off of TED global, in which independent groups (a university society, perhaps) host their own events in the spirit of TED, but in a completely original way. This is where TEDxUoN comes in. We are a society of students who were inspired by the global TED conferences and set up our own events.

We host a series of mini TED-style talks on a regular basis and also small events, such as TEDx-Action! and TEDx- The Fusion of Science & Art. But this is nothing compared to the major annual TEDxUoN expose! This space will be the official TEDxUoN blog, with coverage of all aspects of the TEDxUoN happenings, so be sure to check back regularly! You may even want to consider reading some more posts across the rest of the site and make sure to spread the word!
The third annual TEDxUoN event will be about "Breaking Boundaries"; whether they are personal or global, cultural or political, we want to break them down and seek to fuse interesting patterns of thought. We want to break down barriers to uncover the unknown and synthesise the known. By doing this we want to emphasise what we love most about our University -- a place to discuss, discover and dream with such an incredible variety of students and professors from around the world.

Our event will be a day long expose of a variety of speakers and performance acts (around 12 speakers and 2 performance acts- 14 altogether). We will have 4 sessions throughout the day, broken up by three breaks - one of which will be a longer lunch break. The main talks will be held in the Keighton Auditorium on University Park Campus at the University of Nottingham. 
In our breaks our guests will be able to experience our breakout space which will be held in the first floor of the maths building. We will be catering within our breaks (tea and coffee) & we will provide lunch for all who attend (guests and volunteers). We also have Pulp Friction, a local social enterprise to provide smoothies for all our guests for the day!
Also within our breakout space we will have stalls for many different societies (we have AEGIS, STAR, Stop the Traffik, Malaysia and Astronomical society all confirmed) and we also have a dance space where our guests can interact with different cultural dances from across the world. We will also have some musicians playing within the breakout space (probably an acoustic guitar and voice ensemble).

Confirmed speakers include: The Human Library, the artist Gudrun Bielz, the expert in autistic spectrum disorder Robyn Steward, Aegis trust founder James Smith, Enactus CEO Andrew Bacon, Maddy Crowther from waging peace, Egyptian refugee dancer Shrouk El-Atta, Jeanne Roberts of My Sight and astronomer David Mattison. 

We'll be putting up brief and in-depth bios for all the speakers in the near future, as well as exciting updates about the progress we're making. So stay tuned!!!

Our website is due to be updated for the 2015 TEDxUoN event, but you can check out last years event here! Tickets are due on sale very soon and you should also be sure to follow us on twitter and facebook and make sure to follow this blog to keep right up to date!


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